Team Building Options

In today’s busy workplace, it’s often hard to find the time to learn new skills or rethink old paradigms. Our Team Building Activities are designed to give you the time and the place to do just that. Join us for a day of learning, recharging and personal growth. 

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Interactive Drumming

10 to 5000 delegates


Our Interactive drumming sessions are completely unique and  customised to fit your event requirements, Be it a Company Team-building session, Product Launch or simply just a special occasion,Each delegate receives a traditional Djembe drum, Our World –class facilitators will guide the group to perform together by facilitating different African rhythms, songs and dances for the duration of 1 hour.

Interactive Gumboot Dancing
10 to 5000 delegates

Interactive Gumboot Dancing is a favourite when it comes to motivating and empowering organizations in the corporate sector. Not only is this activity challenging, it is huge fun!! Each delegate receives a pair of gumboots (The boots are sanitized and sprayed before each function) as well as a brightly coloured bandana's, in order to help aid in differentiating the teams within the group. Our facilitators will then guide each member in the team to Move, Shake and Operate like never before. can cater up to 5000 delegates at one time!

Interactive Boom Whacking

10 to 10 000 delegates


Boom Whackers are lightweight, hollow, color-coded, plastic tubes, tuned to musical pitches by length. They have become a popular tool for corporate events and festivals. These pipes are ideally suited for audience participation and may be used in large numbers. Participants can all play together, following a leader's directions from the stage.

The Boom whackers and Interactive Drumming work magically together, a wonderful combination to spice things up a bit!
We can cater up to 10 000 delegates at one time.

African Beat Orchestra

16 to 1000 delegates

African beat orchestra is a new product, which has proven to be a huge success at team builds and strategy sessions within the corporate sectors. Groups are split into smaller teams and taught how to play individual instruments, which range from cowbells to marimbas; claves to drums, shakers to wooden frogs and a whole bunch more. Once the “rehearsal session” is complete, the group once again gets together and performs simultaneously with each other, creating an orchestra of different sounds and movements – This activity promotes communication, listening skills, motor function skills and will challenge individuals to work as a unified team!

Interactive In Step
10 to 4000 delegates

Dance Choreography has never been so much fun! This is the perfect team building activity where you need to demonstrate I complete company cohesion. It is a relatively high-energy”event, which is ideal either at the start or end of your conference or event. This is perfect for any size group, and one that everyone should to participate in. Facilitated by the dancers that performed with Shakira at the 2010 Soccer World Cup, we guarantee an awesome time! We turn this experience into a MUSIC Video and if outdoor, can include Drone Footage.

Isolation Orchestra
10 to 200 delegates

Virtual Option

Isolation Orchestra is a unique and exciting way of bringing your team together while being apart, each delegate will be required to either Sing, hum, clap or drum (Using basic objects i.e. cutlery, cans, bins etc.) in order to create a musical masterpiece. Using apps such as Zoom, Imotiv8 will facilitate, record, edit and master your production which will then be shared to you and your team. We can cater for a minimum of 4 delegates to a maximum of 200 delegates during one session. One on one sessions will be required with individuals to spice up the final mix.