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Benefits of Drumming within the workplace:

  • Drumming reduces stress and boosts your immune system.
  • Drumming helps to release negative feelings and emotional trauma.
  • Drumming Transcends gender, race, age and nationality.
  • Group drumming has proven to improve communication.
  • Drumming grounds us in the present moment.
  • Drumming produces deeper self – awareness by including synchronous brain activity.
  • Drumming improves co-ordination, using both left and right sides of the brain.
  • Drumming is FUN

What happens during our sessions?

Each delegate receives a traditional Djembe drum, Our World –class facilitators will guide the group to perform together by facilitating different African rhythms, songs and dances for the duration of 1 hour. We can accommodate groups from 10 – to 2000 delegates at one time.

A testimonial from FNB

Thank you for making our conference a fantastic one. Your group was awesome and everyone enjoyed the drumming so much!!

First National Bank

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